SRG Business Meeting

(This meeting only occurs every 3rd wednesday of the month)

Time: 5:00 PM Eastern (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID:811-9700-9222–Passcode: 2024XX(caps)

International – Find your local number:
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SRG Group Conscience for 2024

SRG GC Minutes Jan 17 2024
SRG GC Minutes Feb 21 2024

SRG Group Conscience for 2023

SRG Group Conscience for 2022

SRG Group Conscience for 2021

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SRG Service Positions

Secretary: Dan W.

Treasurer: Bob R.

Alt. Treasurer: Peter F.

Meeting Hosts: 

  • Ann C. – Meeting Host

  • Bethany D. – Meeting Host

  • Bob R.. – Meeting Host/Admin

  • Dan W. – Meeting Host/Admin

  • Jana S. – Meeting Host

  • James F. – Meeting Host (Substitute)

  • Kimberley S. – Meeting Host

  • Maria T. – Meeting Host/Admin

  • Michelle K. Meeting Host (Substitute)

  • Patrick M. – Meeting Host

  • Rich L. – Meeting Host

  • Robin H.- Meeting Host

  • Courtney S. – Admin – IT

Designated Hosts and Timekeepers:

Sunday – Host: Rich L… – Timer: Dan W.

 (Alternate Timer -Bruce D [STL] or Louise W.) –

(Secular Sunday)

Monday – Host: Courtney S. – Timer: Ron M.

Michele K.- Alternate Host   

(SRG Speaker Meeting)

Tuesday –  Host: Courtney S. – Timer: Dan W (Men’s Meeting)

Hosts: Robin H – Jana S. – Timer: n/a

(Secular Sober Living)

Wednesday – Host: Dan W. – Timer: Louise W. (Wednesday IQ)

SRG Group Conscience – Host: Courtney S.

Thursday – Host: Bob R. – Timer: Bruce D. (St. Louis)

(Secular on Thursday)

Friday – Host: Dan W. – Timer: Melissa P. (Fearless Friday)

Saturday – Host: Patrick M. – Timer: Rich L. (Secular on Saturday)

Sunday & Monday Meetings (SSD)

Sober She Devils – Hosts: Maria T.-Gail L.-Kimberley S.-Ann C.-Jana S.-Bethany D.