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We are unable to provide Information about  Local In-Person  Secular AA Meetings. 

SRG is only able to offer Information about Our Online Meetings.

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 SRG Service Group Contacts 


Secular Sundaysrgit@srgrecovery.org

Sober She-Devilsssdg@srgrecovery.org


Secular Monday srgit@srgrecovery.org

Sober She-Devils – ssdmt@srgrecovery.org


Mens Meeting- webmaster@srgrecovery.org

Secular Sober Living- sslmeeting@srgrecovery.org


Wednesday IQ Meeting – srgsec@srgrecovery.org

SRG Homegroup Meetingsrgit@srgrecovery.org


Secular on Thursday – srgit@srgrecovery.org


Fearless Fridaysrgsec@srgrecovery.org


Secular Saturdaysrgrich@srgrecovery.org

Website Technical:

Webmaster -srgit@srgrecovery.org

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SRG Webmaster Notice:

If you wish a change or have a question about a Recovery meeting that is not one of the 10 SRG ONLINE Meetings listed on our Website, We are powerless to change anything or provide first hand knowledge of the meeting in question Status.
Please reach out to the service folks responsible for those sites. We often list their meetings in various places on the SRG Website, but only as a matter of convenience to SRG members and visitors. We are not responsible for their content or accuracy.
If you are trying to Post a Meeting on the SRG Site, Thank You for your input. If your meeting has graphics or language that may offend our constituency here at SRG or directly conflicts with our listed meeting time slot, we reserve the right to editorialize as a function of the SRG Group Conscience (Every 3rd Sunday @2:30PM Eastern US).
Thank You for understanding!