Secular Recovery Group Logo

  • The Secular Recovery Group was created to allow authors and person’s seeking recovery from substance abuse, a place to share experiences outside the constraints of Religiosity.
  • To provide “Zoom” Online Recovery Meetings that are safe and well moderated.
  • A place to enjoy the sharing of  “experiences” : One on One without over-arching fundamentalism.
  • All Meetings and Activities are governed by Group Conscience. AA Group Service #431993

So long as there is the slightest interest in sobriety, the most unmoral, the most anti-social, the most critical alcoholic may gather about him a few kindred spirits and announce to us that a new Alcoholics Anonymous Group has been formed. Anti-God, anti-medicine, anti-our Recovery Program, even anti-each other — these rampant individuals are still an AA Group if they think so!

This was in Bill Wilson’s article in the Grapevine, “Anarchy Melts”, published in 1946.