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Hello all you beautiful Sober She Devils!

Starting on Sunday, August 2nd, the meeting lobbies will close at 5 minutes after the top of the hour. So on Sundays, the meeting starts at 10am eastern time and will be locked at 10:05. The Monday night meeting which starts at 9pm eastern time, will be locked at 9:05. Set your alarms, timers, reminders and see you there!

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Who We Are

The Sober She-Devils is an international closed secular online women’s meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, welcoming any woman who has a desire to stop drinking. Women attend our meeting from all over the world, from locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Africa to name a few. We recognize that not everyone believes in God or even a higher power; we want to create a safe place for women to express themselves regardless of their world views, beliefs, religion, spiritual experience or their rejection of them.


If you are not sure if you are an alcoholic or not sure you want to stop drinking, please refer to the online secular beginner’s meetings here https://srgrecovery.org/ or locate an “open” meeting in your local AA directory. This meeting is designated “closed to keep it safe for women who know they desire sobriety and who need to feel confident that the others in the group desire the same.


In 2017, John S. of AA Beyond Belief was hosting a secular Zoom meeting at 1PM Eastern on Sunday afternoon (AABeyondBelief.org). A group of women attending that meeting started having informal chats following the meetings. During one of the post-meeting chats, one of them exclaimed, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a secular women’s meeting?” Shortly thereafter, it happened! The first online secular women’s AA meeting was hosted on September 11, 2017. Then, on January 29, 2018 the Sober She-Devils name was adopted.

Click Here to listen to an interview by John S. at AA Beyond Belief with four of the original members of the Sober She-Devils (Carol, Maria, Kimberley, Gail) on AA Beyond Belief podcast #116.


There are five women who act as “hosts” for our group. The hosts are responsible for the administration of the Zoom meetings, screening and admitting women to the meetings, postings on the SSD Facebook page, creating and maintaining documentation, and communicating one-on-one with anyone with questions and comments about the group.

The names of the hosts, in alphabetical order, are:

Bethany D.-Gail Glasnapp L.-Carol P.-Kimberley S.-Maria T. 

There are also two co-hosts who also assist with the Zoom meetings screening and admitting women to the meetings, communicating one-on-one with anyone with questions and comments about the group.

Ann C. and Jill V.